Confidentiality And Design: Offices And Conference Halls

pic Armstrong
pic Armstrong
Acoustics is one of the most important elements of office design. However, it is a common mistake to choose only such solutions which absorb sounds. The issue of soundproofing is equally important, especially in the case of conference halls and offices.

The interiors of legal or tax offices as well as conference halls are special places where acoustics plays an incredible role as business confidentiality constitutes the most important matter. Suspended ceilings in such places should not only absorb sounds but also isolate them. In order to ensure adequate confidentiality, it is necessary to provide proper acoustic solutions, including the installation of suspended ceilings with high weighted suspended ceiling normalized level difference (Dnfw) and sound reduction index (Rw), which concerns, for instance, noises from technical installations running above the ceiling. The properly planned acoustics can be helpful in one more aspect; it affects the speech intelligibility level, which is one of the factors conditioning an efficient meeting in larger conference halls with teams composed of several people – points out Anna Baczkowska, Architect and Technical Manager in the Polish Department of Armstrong.

Design Ceiling

Both character and design of interiors are currently equally important matters for companies in the process of creating a business image. The largest global consulting companies attempt at showing their specifics to clients with the use of properly selected finishing materials. Hence, legal offices which are mainly associated with tradition and classical design do not have studies any more. Lawyers use creativity in interior design to show their openness to new trends as well as care about details. International legal and financial consultants do not afraid of bold furniture, colors and non-standard materials. Ceilings are becoming a new decorative element which is no longer a technical cover of the installation under the ceiling. The novelties are vertical acoustic plates "Baffles", which were used in Rondo 1 by the Warsaw department of EY. The vertical plates connected with lighting panels in proper configuration allowed to place a company’s logo composed of EY letters on the ceiling – explains Anna Baczkowska. Other popular trends are wooden ceilings which make interiors more cozy, taking care about friendly acoustics, or very creative island ceilings available in any shape (also curved) and color from the Optima Canopy line.

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