CP Business Center Is A Magnet For Tenants

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Control Process S.A.: manager of CP Business Center
CP Business Center: office space (pic Control Process S.A.)
An innovative multi-use office building – CP Business Center – is currently undergoing a commercialization process in the Krakow’s Podgórze district. One of the first tenants is Philip Morris International company.

Krakow CP Business Center office building has been commercialized in 50% so far. At the beginning of the year, Philip Morris International signed a contract with Control Process SA, a manager of the investment which is responsible for the lease of office and warehouse space. CP Business Center has been chosen by such a large international company mainly because of the high prestige of the investment, which will constitute a new work place for the employees of Commercial Department PMI. On the area of the complex there is also a head office of Control Process SA, a popular enterprise from the expert construction industry which specializes in the execution of turnkey investments. The company has been awarded many prizes and construction distinctions.

Convenient Location

CP Business Center is situated at Obrońców Modlina Street in Krakow. This location isn’t random; Podgórze is mainly associated with industry and business. Due to a developed network of public communication, tenants can commute to different parts of Krakow; it takes 100 m to get to the bus stop and ca. 1500 m to the tram loop. The close proximity to the ring road as well as to the convenient exit route A4 towards Katowice and Rzeszów provides a good connection with other cities.


Functionality & Innovativeness

The investment comprises 5 floors and offers 3959 sqm of usable space; office space and warehouse space (200 sqm). The building is characterized with functionality and innovativeness, thus constitutes a reference to the company’s strategy as Control Process SA mainly concentrates on innovativeness and high-quality services. The author of the project is F11, whereas the main fit-out executor is Control Process.



Prestige is emphasized by the innovative elevation with overnight LED lighting and additional facilities inside the building. There is also a round-the-clock reception, elevator with a speed of 1 m/s, air conditioning, or BMS and IT systems. The investor has introduced eco-friendly solutions that favor employees’ health.

Other applied solutions are: energy-saving LED lighting, ventilation, air purifying filters, and parking spaces for bicycles on the internal car park. Thanks to the auxiliary IT network, unforeseen situations don’t disturb tenants. What’s more, there is no necessity of leasing whole floors – certain tiers can be divided into separate wings. There can be also an office designed as open space. On the ground floor, there is a restaurant for employees.


Environmental Care

The building is equipped with the photovoltaic installation of strength 40 kW and the installation works of other panels of efficiency 50 kW are in progress. The photovoltaic system of target strength 90 kW will be situated on the roof.


Investment Commissioning

Construction works on the erection of the building started in May 2016. Thus, CP Business Center is the first innovative and multi-use office building in the Podgórze-Rybitwy district. The investment was commissioned at the beginning of 2019, and tenants can currently move into new office spaces.


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