Gold for Poles in the Google

Business market

The winning team in Radio Campus. From left to right: Mateusz Rydlewski (captain), Marek and Pawel Zawadzki Janisiewicz
The winning team in Radio Campus. From left to right: Mateusz Rydlewski (captain), Marek and Pawel Zawadzki Janisiewicz
Student team from the School of Economics in Warsaw won AdWords Business Global Award Winner in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

The world's best online marketing campaign was conducted by Mateusz Rydlewski (Warsaw University of Technology, captain), Przemek Dmochowski (Warsaw School of Economics), Agnieszka Żdanuk (Warsaw School of Economics), Marek Janisiewicz (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and Paul Zawadzki (Warsaw University of Life Sciences).


I am extremely happy to be taking part in the Google Online Marketing Challenge could carry out together with a team of campaign for the club, with which I have the emotional and sentimental ties. Particularly satisfactory is the fact that our campaign had a real impact business for the club. The competition was a very valuable experience, because naturally required us to extend the knowledge of very intense at the same time was a chance to practice using it - says Matthew Rydlewski.


Students under the guidance of a tutor Dr. Timothy Doligalskiego from the Department of Customer Value SGH conducted an internet campaign for the club Legia, which - as stated on the blog Google - brought a return on investment of € 3083 per cent. The campaign was a considerable challenge for us technically because of limited opportunities to make changes in the service of the Legion. However, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the whole team managed to achieve great results. We would also like to thank the Legion for their commitment which is revealed and professional approach to all matters relating to our operations - says Pawel Zawadzki. The success of the campaign skills required us to respond quickly to emerging problems programming. Along with the IT department, Legia Warszawa introduced our solutions, which enabled the campaign to implement advanced analytics. It soon turned out that it was the foundation for the growth of its efficiency - adds Marek Janisiewicz.


In order to develop an advertising campaign, students first made a report showing the lack of promotional activities Legia Warsaw, reflecting the low-ticket sales, club clothing and gadgets. Planned campaign lasted from 11 to 30 April 2014 its cost was 790 PLN, and generated profits reached more than 30 000 PLN, making 2520 the Poles defeated teams from around the world. The prize was a week trip to California, during which the winners will visit Google headquarters in Silicon Valley and meet the team working at the Googleplex Google Online Marketing Challenge.


It is worth mentioning that this is not the first victory SGH students. On the seventh edition of the competition, in 5 of them were left SGH teams from global winners (2 times) or regional (3-fold victory in Europe). In previous editions of the winning teams were contained only with the SGH students, this year Poland represented by a mixed team comprising students from three universities - Warsaw School of Economics, SGG and Warsaw University of Technology.


Google Online Marketing Challenge is one of the world's largest competition for universities, enabling students to gain practical experience in the field of online advertising campaigns using Google AdWords tool. Each of the teams make the students (3 to 6 people), working under the guidance of mentor-teachers from universities represented. The task of the team is to establish cooperation with a local company or a non-governmental organization, which in the past 6 months did not use AdWords advertising, marketing strategy development and preparation of a three-week advertising campaign in the search engine.

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