ECO PLGBC Green Building Awards Competition

Polish Green Building Council is organizing competition for the best designs in the area of sustainable construction.

The competition and granted PLGBC Green Building Awards are supposed to promote modern solutions in the area of ecological construction. It is the fourth edition of this event. The first one took place in 2010. The jurors will judge the newest architectural trends implemented in projects taking part in the competition and built structures as well as their adjustment to national and global environmental requirements. The submitted works will be assessed in respect of architecture, aesthetics, ecological construction and sustainable development.


The competition is public and includes structures designed and built on the native market. Works may be sent within four categories: the best realized certified building, the best realized ecological building without certificate (or pre-certified), the best ecological project and green product of the year.  


The winners within certain categories will be announced on 6th October 2015 during PLGBC Green Building Symposium and they will be awarded diplomas and „PLGBC Green Building Awards” statutes. Additionally, the winning designs will be published on the PLGBC website, in the PLGBC newsletter and publications of media partners. The entries should be sent by e-mail till 10th September this year.  


More information is available on the website of Polish Green Building Council.


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