Innovative gymnasium opens door in OBC

Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk
Olivia Business Center in Gdańsk
Non-public Thinking Zone Gymnasium is going to start its activity in the Olivia Business Center office in Gdańsk from September within activities taken by TOC for Education.

TOC for Education is a Polish representative of „TOCFE Inc” Foundation from USA which promotes teaching with the use of method devised by Eliyahu Goldratt from Israel. It puts emphasis on emotional and social development of children. At present, TOC for Education is moving into Olivia Business Center. Moreover, Non-public Thinking Zone Gymnasium will start its activity in the OBC complex within TOC for Education. This school will concentrate on development of specialized competences of students, mainly ability of critical thinking, team work, entrepreneurship and creativity.


Non-public Thinking Zone Gymnasium will be run by team composed of 16 teachers, psychologists and educators who offer innovative and open from morning till night educational zone. The list of didactic methods includes i.a. TOC tools for critical thinking, gamification or flipped learning (reversed lesson). A lot of exercises will be organized outside the school or within projects with foreign schools from Europe (Great Britain) or South America (Peru or Mexico).  


Regular exercises of Non-public Thinking Zone Gymnasium will be conducted from 1st September 2015 starting at 9 a.m. till 3.30 p.m. in O4 (Olivia Four building). The exercise groups will be composed of not more than 18 students. We decided to open this education zone in Olivia Business Center – a complex of offices developing as dynamic as the present world – says Maciej Winiarek, cofounder of Thinking Zone. – Free space without benches and blackboards, full of multimedia and having a research laboratory, is a perfect place for such a modern enterprise. We appreciate easy access to young entrepreneurs working in start-ups and microenterprises from O4 and Business Link Tricity. Afternoon classes will be also aimed at them. 


Except for school, TOC for Education is also opening a southern TOC Pracownia educational center. Different interests of young people will be developed in the center from 4 p.m. till 8 p.m. Organizers envisage i.a. theatrical, music, photography, journalist, entrepreneurship, mediation or philosophy workshops. Education is one of four program pillars of development of O4 innovations – points out Tomasz Woźniak, Chief Innovation Officer in Olivia Business Center. – Therefore, we are very glad about establishment of cooperation with TOC for Education. Its educational offer will be a perfect complementation of our foregoing program of training courses and conferences. Both residents of OBC and Tricity youth will certainly benefit from it and obtain a precious school alternative.


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