CRM – a solution to support sale and customer service


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 25.09.2012
Hour : 09:30 - 00:00
Status : closed

On September 25, the conference “CRM – a solution to support sale and customer service” will take place in Banking and Financial Center „Nowy Świat” S.A in Warsaw. CRM that is Customer Relationship Management is the set of procedures and tools that are necessary in customer fronting. It has been in the world of business for a very long time, however, its use has increased in recent years owing to the better access to technologies and data integration.

Expert lectures during the conference will be given by, among others, Dorota Chmurska, Independent Expert – “The use of CRM for increasing sales – chances and challenges according to the experiences from financial branch” and Tomasz Mnich, Expert on Managing Changes – “How to use the best of organization for the improvement of customer service”.

Proposed subject matter:
- mobile CRM
- CRM in sale
- analytic CRM (analysis of customer data)
- CRM in customer service
- CRM in cloud

The organizers invite to the conference:
-managing board, board advisors,
-managers of the departments of: marketing, sale, trade, IT, BOK,
-people responsible for internal communication from the departments of: telecommunication, banking, insurance, financial advisory, production, industry, service.

The participation is free for the people mentioned above.
The participation is payable: for the representatives of service providers, IT and technological solutions (CRM systems) –the fee per person is 1 000 PLN + 23&VAT.

Owing to the limited number of places, the organizers reserve jurisdiction to refuse to accept the applications of the companies mentioned above. 

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