Modern communication in business – trends, channels, tools


City : Warsaw
Place : Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency
Date : 17.02.2015
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed

There are more and more channels and tools which are used in communication in business world. This trend concerns relations with clients but also communication between co workers of different section inside the business. Suitable solution for communication will be compatible with business needs, it is relevant not only for good functioning but also for effective reaching clients and maintaining good relations with trading partner. If you will pick suitable communication tools, your communication can help you with making better cooperation, internal communication in the bussines and relations with clients. Properly chosen tools can organize and standardize flow of information inside and outside the business, furthermore can make more flexible remote work.


We invite all people who are considering how to increase the efectiveness, limit some costs and improve cooperation in a company to participate in the conference: 


Modern communication in business – trends, channels, tools

17 February | Warsaw


During the conference it will be said about newest communication tools in business and how they can be used.


The speakers are:

  • Katarzyna Saja – co-owner Sparta Academy – Seven rules of good communication,

  • Marek Jurkiewicz – General Manager of portal – Communication and increase of effectiveness of organization,

  • Katarzyna Gajda – Manager of Marketing and PR section in Redwood Sp. z o. o. – Meetings in XXI century – video conference as effective communication.


Issues taken during the meeting:


  • standardized communication platform,

  • telecommunication systems,

  • interactive multimedia communication,

  • solutions for voice communication,

  • solutions for contact center and call center,

  • digital signage in internal communication,

  • cloud communication,

  • communication in the mobile environment,

  • equipment and accessories solutions.


Participation in conference is free for:


  • administer personnel of employees (who work with IT), manager of remote work,

  • manager of knowledge (who control flow of knowledge and information in business), manager of communication section, personnel who is responsible for optimization new contacts and communication,

  • manager of integration IT section,

  • manager of customer service and call center,

  • personnel responsible for automation and optimization of business process,

  • marketing, PR, HR workers,

  • Trade Manager and personnel responsible for accomplishment of sell plans.

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