Impact of technologies on condition of businesses – ERP and CRM systems


City : Warszawa
Place : Centrum Konferencyjne Atrium, Al. Jana Pawła II 25
Date : 19.01.2016
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed
Warsaw, Atrium Tower, Jana Pawła II 25 Avenue

Two systems will be discussed on the meeting. First of them – ERP – is planning of resources in a business. It is composed of smaller modules that create the totality, however, they function independently. They include e.g. warehouse, accountancy, finances and management of deliveries systems. The second one – CRM – is management of relations with a customer. It enables organization of tasks to sale and marketing teams. Moreover, it also enables collection of data in the base – giving them a status or kind of a contact.


Subject area of the conference:

I. ERP – platform for development – many shades of ERP:

1. Development of company and enhancement of efficiency:

  • support of crucial business processes
  • optimization of resources use
  • finances and human resources management
  • marketing, sale and service management
  • circulation of documents
  • production and supply management
  • transport, logistics and warehouse management

2. Availability and security – new possibilities and functionality of ERP

  • necessity or fashion – mobile system ERP
  • efficiently and effectively – ERP in the cloud

3. How to do it? – that is success of implementation

II. CRM – integral part of the system. Challenges for CRM:

1. Effective communication – application and possibilities of CRM system

  • maintenance and automation of relations with a customer / contractor (communication, automation, analysis)
  • optimization of marketing activities – forecasting and key decisions
  • automation of sale and services
  • automation of financial transactions
  • customer profiling
  • reporting, analysis and control
  • CRM and knowledge management

2. Functionality and security

  • availability of information – mobile CRM
  • efficiently and effectively – CRM in the cloud

3. How to do it? – that is success of implementation and integration

We invite to a free participation in the event:

ERP session:

  • management board and people responsible for development, innovation and organization in a company
  • people responsible for selection, purchase and implementation of new systems and technologies
  • chairmen for production, development, investments, infrastructure
  • operational senior staff of production and technical departments
  • people responsible for planning of production, heads of maintenance staff, engineers, technologists, experts for quality management
  • managers who take part in determination of shapes of processes, people responsible for defining of games plans in organizations, IT managers
  • representatives of institutions and enterprises interested in increase of efficiency in their companies

CRM session:

  • representatives of management board, chairmen and heads managing such departments as marketing, sale, commercial, IT, BOK
  • people responsible for internal communication in a company


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