Security of company’s networks


City : Warszawa
Place : Centrum Bankowo-Finansowe „Nowy Świat”
Date : 26.09.2012
Hour : 09:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
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How to effectively protect a company’s resources and how to implement a suitable secure policy, the answers for those question are to be found by the participants of the free conference “Security of company’s networks”, which will be held on September, 26 in Banking and Financial Center “Nowy Świat” in Warsaw. Hacking, spam, vulnerabilities are very frequent today and often lead to financial loss of a company. The only way to stop it is to implement effective technological solutions concerning data security and access to resources of company’s networks. Complex information about endangerments and practical solutions will be provided during the conference “Security of company’s networks”.  

The subject matter of the conference:

Managing QoS
VPN – virtual private networks
Detecting intrusions systems (IDS) and protecting intrusions (IPS) Firewall Appliance
Device firewall
Personal firewall
Program firewall
Appliance – integrated protection
Audit and network security policy
Managing identity and access control
Endpoint security
Tools of managing network
Biometric protections
Security of wireless networks
Antivirus protection
Anti-spam protection on a server
Anti-spam protection on client’s side
Security of mail servers
Software of spyware and adware types
Content filtering, content security
Spam problem versus marketing activity on the Web

The organizers invite to participate:

people responsible for maintaining a company’s security
directors/ specialists/managers on IT security in a company
decision-makers on the choice and purchase of security solutions

the representatives of financial and insurance branches, industry, telecommunication, administration, power industry and service branch.

The participation in the conference is FREE for the people mentioned above!

THE NUMBER OF PLACES IS LIMITED! The order of applications matter. 

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