Workflow & Document Management Trends


City : Warszawa
Place : Millenium Plaza Golden Floor
Date : 12.09.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 13:00
Status : closed
Workflow & Document Management Trends

The effective functioning of a business is a consequence of the choice of suitable solutions. Systems of managing documents' circulation and business processes can be undoubtedly called the necessary tools that lead to the synonym of an efficiently functioning organization.

The subject matter of the conference is aimed at presenting the influence of the systems of electronic circulation of documents on the optimisation and improvement of a company's work.

The leaders of technology will talk about the latest trends concerning the improvement of managing documentation and business information processes.

We cordially invite to the free participation in the conference
„Workflow & Document Management Trends”,
that is held on September
12, 2013, in Warsaw.
We encourage you to register!

The crucial issues that will be discussed during the event:

-novelties and trends concerning managing documentation, process and information - trends and directions of the development,
-workflow - automation of office processes,
-corporate systems and websites,
-electronic signature,
-documents in iCloud,
-OCR/ICR/OMR - intelligent registration of the documents,
-digitizing of documents,
-electronic archiving,
-scanning and processing of documents,
-electronic managing of documentation and information,
-systems of group working,
-mass printouts and outsourcing of print,
-solutions and technologies concerning facilities,
-systems of automation of HR departments and accountants' work,
-legal aspects of electronic circulation of documents.

Details of the conference:

The participation in the conference is free of charge, you only have to fill in the registration form.

The participants may be sure to be provided with coffee breaks and complete conference materials.

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