ECO 3rd edition of Future4Build conference


City : Warszawa
Place : Centrum EXPO XXI
Date : 06.11.2013 - 07.11.2013
Hour : 08:00 - 15:00
Status : closed
3rd edition of Future4Build conference

Who cares about sustainable development? You!
3rd edition of the international conference and exhibition Future4Build

The conference Future4Build is an innovative and the most comprehensive business platform and meeting place for people interested in the idea of sustainable development in Poland and abroad. The 3rd edition of this international event will be held on 6 and 7 November 2013 in Warsaw.

As every year, Future4Build will be held in the formula of innovative business platform allowing the exchange of experience and information on sustainable development with a focus on the ecological, economic, legal and social issues.

The aim of the conference is a comprehensive presentation of sustainable development idea in the wider economic context. The theme of Future4Build 2013 is promoting the idea of sustainable urban development.

Essential content
Future4Build brings together prominent experts and major institutional partners . The conference is held under the patronage of United Nations Global Compact , the President of Warsaw, Society of Polish Town Planners, The Renewable Energy Association of Municipalities, Eastern Construction Cluster, The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) , Buro Happold and Climate Coalition .

In 2013, during the two-days conference there will be several panel discussions, presentations, debates and special workshops with the participation of Polish and international experts. In Future4Build conference will participate:

- Guy Perry, an architect and a planner,
- Mark Krawczyński, the architect responsible for development of the Sydney Opera House,
- Peter Maitland, Director, Buildings Division , RICS / Arkadis ,
- Adam Koniuszewski, Chief Operating Officer of Green Cross International,
- Leszek Drogosz , Director of the Office of Infrastructure of Warsaw,
- Juerg R. Bernet , Managing Director at EURO Institute of Real Estate Management,
- Kamil Wyszkowski, Head of Office United Nations Development Programme and Coordinator of the SG UN Innitative Global Compact.

Event formula
Future4Build is an event of CONFEX type, so it is a combination of conference and exhibition (expo). Due to this form participants have opportunity to gain knowledge and share it with others through essential discussions, workshops and fair.

Business network and networking
Future4Build gathers the decision business community and eminent speakers from Poland and abroad. In one place the two-day conference brings together investors, developers, architects, designers, tenants and manufacturers of sustainable solutions for the construction sector . The participation of national and foreign leaders makes it possible to establish valuable business contacts.

Future4Build corresponds to the needs and broaches the subject of public-private partnership (PPP) creating a forum to establish solid cooperation between business leaders and government institutions. Every year, the meeting Future4Build gives our partners the opportunity to effectively communicate their expectations among representatives of  industry and politics.

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