ECO Report from the first day of Future 4 Build

First day of the conference on sustainable construction, Future 4 Build, has passed.

On November 8, we were witnessing the first day of the second international conference on sustainable construction - Future 4 Build .It was based on a parallel panel discussions, on which the local and international experts spoke. 

Opening of the conference took place at 9:30 am with the lecture on the condition of the Polish construction market in the face of the green changes led by Paweł Łuszcz and Małgorzata Skonieczna of ASM - Centre for Research and Analysis of the Market. Then, a parallel discussion panels began. 
There were four debates and one training in the Investor and Developer Zone. They talked about issues such as prejudice, expectations and trends in the sustainable development of the construction sector and the implementation of the EU requirement to Nearly Zero Energy Buildings. One could also find the answer to the question why to invest in Poland and what is the role of sustainable development in the investment process, and to hear about due diligence. The training included certification of BREEAM In-Use, and was conducted by Dr. Eng. Marcin Gawronski, BREEAM International Assessor and BREEAM In-Use Auditor. The panel was also attended by, among others, Anita Kuliś of PwC, Jacek Bielecki, CEO of the Polish Association of Developers, Henryk Kwapisz, market development manager of the ISOVER company, Jake Jephcott, President of Gdańsk Central Business District and Magda Stretton, managing director of WSP Enviro. 
The second panel, entitled Smart Technologies, included discussions about the cost of energy efficiency and smart energy saving and was attended by Arkadiusz Krześniak, director of education and technology of Ruukki Poland, Bartosz Marciniak, president of Promar company, Marcin Bruzda, Regional Director of Sales Trend Control Systems and Piotr Olszewski, managing director of the SENVI ..There was also a lecture by Arthur Pezda of Daikin Airconditioning Poland about the benefits of air conditioning and an interview conducted by Jerzy Hainze, Vice President and Director of HCH Institute for Innovation Building with Michał Mika, product manager at Danfoss about heat loss. The panel ended with a lecture on the future of lighting led by Agnieszka Operhalska, Director of Sales at Philips Lighting Poland. 
The last sector concerned the architecture, design and sustainable building. It allowed to learn more about building certification from experts such as Rafał Schurma, President of PLBC, Piotr Kroenke, CEO of GTC, Jan Cieśla, BREEAM International assessor, Wojciech Kuc, senior project manager of OSRAM. During the panel the questions of why building green homes in Poland goes reluctantly and if the passive buildings should be called a revolution or evolution were answered. One could listen to Ewa Kielak-Ciemniewski, editor of the monthly magazine "Capital", Andrzej Markowski, Managing Director of Sweco Architects and Marcin Szewczuk, director of marketing of Aluplast. At the end of the day Monika Kupska-Kupis, architect project manager of VELUX Poland and Mariusz Zatylny, president of the National Association of Building Environment moved the debate a bit into the future, talking about the future housing and energy-efficient architectural projects. 
The companies presented during the conference: ABB Sp z o.o., Ecoville Sp z o.o., Euro Centrum S.A.,Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy Sp z o.o., Klima-Therm S.A., LG Group, OSRAM Sp z o.o., Rockwool Polska, Velux Polska Sp z o.o. i WSP Enviro Sp. z o.o. 
The second day of the conference will also be based on three parallel panels. The discussion will cover topics such as energy efficiency, funds and credits for renewable energy, waste, organic materials, and new trends in architecture based on copper and glass. There will also be a workshop on Environmental Product Declaration

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