ECO Balanced development in the crosshair - Future4Build only days away!

On the 6th and 7th of November the Future4Build conference, which is usually the place for people interested in balanced development, will take place.

The Future4Build conference will deal with the issues of supporting the balanced development of the cities in relation to EU's directives for the years 2014 - 2020. During the two days over 100 experts will exchange experiences and knowledge in the areas of ecology, economy as well as legal and social aspects of the balanced development.


The event will include authorities, such as: architect responsible for the development of the Sydney Opera building Mark Krawczyński, architect and planner Guy Perry, Director Buildings Division in RICS/ Arkadis Peter Maitland, Vice-President of the Capitol City of Warsaw Michał Olszewski, Chief Executive Officer in Green Cross Poland Andrzej Mizgajski, Managing Director, EURO Institute of Real Estate Management Juerg R. Bennet and Head of Office United Nations Development Programme in Coordinator UN SG Innitative Global Compact Kamil Wyszkowski.


During the Future4Build a world premiere of the Elemental Flow Towers, i.e. the first building using 8 kinds of renewable energy sources designed by Polish design team led by Marek Krawczyński, will take place. Moreover, during a celebratory gala on the 6th of November, the granting of the awards Polish City Planners Society for the best utilization of public space will take place. Another event worth mentioning is the premiere of the s-i-r-e report conducted by EURO Institute of Real Estate Management.


During the two days of the conference, many issues concerning the balanced development will be discussed. Experts will dissect the public-private partnership, barriers in energy saving constructions, the role of local authorities in balanced utilization of urban space and efficiency directives.


Saphire Ventures Sp z o.o. organizes the event.

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