2nd Fair of Building Modernization


City : Kraków
Place :
Date : 28.11.2013 - 29.11.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
2nd Fair of Building Modernization

28-29 November 2013 Cracow


BUILDING MODERNIZATION FAIR is the only trade fair in Poland dedicated to the issues of energy efficiency in the construction industry which aims at high level professionals.

BUILDING MODERNIZATION FAIR is a meetings place of producers, distributors, investors, professionals, owners and contractors. It allows to establish business contacts and to present products and services to a wide audience of industry professionals. By cooperation with key associations and industry experts (including the Polish Passive House Institute and editor of GLOBEnergia), on a multiple seminars and workshops the current information on modern object modernization will be presented.

BUILDING MODERNIZATION FAIR is an important event for companies working on effective solutions for objects refurbishment, modern and green technologies, with particular emphasis on energy-efficient and passive construction.


- adaptation of building objects to specific needs and functionalities
- the safety of the refurbishment works
- environmental construction
- energy-efficient and passive construction
- current modernization technologies and materials
- investment service
- refurbishment works service
- recuperation
- information and communications technologies of buildings
- thermo-modernization
- use of composite materials in refurbishment works
- integrated installation systems


- architects, landscape designers
- advisory and consulting companies
- renovation and construction companies
- general investment contractors
- construction investors
- chambers of construction and and crafts
- industry and specialized media
- representatives of banks and financial institutions crediting investments
- representatives and staff of construction higher schools
- representatives of the state administration
- representatives of local governments and municipalities
- real estate managers and building owners


We are very happy to have visited the fair where we had opportunity to meet lots of interesting people. Due to the fair our product is very popular. I hope that the fair will increase our sales. Our purpose was to present our product, not just via Internet so we decided to take part in the Fair. We were visited by many people - individual consumers, people connected with academic environment and other exhibitors. I suppose that next year we will show up again in the second edition – says Paul Bułacz, owner of Polishinterior company

I admit that we took a risk taking part in the first edition of the Fair connected with existing  buildings modernization. But now I see that this event will bring many benefits not only for Malopolska, but also other Polish regions. We see a lot of interest. Lectures with our experts attracted more people than we expected and for many people there was not enough space. Fair is are very informative and extremely developmental therefore desire take part in organization of 2nd edition of the event – says Łukasz Krzysztoń, Polish Passive House Institute.

I came here find out more about new technologies in construction, manufacturers offer and to discuss with our competitors. The so-called intelligent modernization and renovation is the direction of industry development . Offer on the stands was very wide. I also liked the theme  and program of seminars. These Fair is really needed. Energy-efficient construction is the future of the industry – says Jacek Wesolowski, visitor.


Voivode of Malopolska - George Miller
Marshal of the Malopolska Voivodship- Marek Sowa
President of Cracow - Jacek Majchrowski
Chairman of the Federation of Regional Associations of Municipalities and Counties of Poland - Kazimierz Barczyk
Chairman of the Association of Municipalities and Malopolska Counties - Kazimierz Barczyk
Chairman of the Assembly of Malopolska Region - Kazimierz Barczyk
Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland
Polish Chamber of Commerce Construction

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