Electrical installations of low and medium voltage


City : Katowice
Place : Hotel Qubus Prestige Katowice
Date : 26.03.2015
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed


Electrical installations of low and medium voltage

Katowice, 26.03.2015


We would like to invite for participation in free conference Electrical installations of low and medium voltage. The topic will be dedicate to electrical installations of low and medium voltage in industrial objects and commerce buildings. At the conference will be presented the modest solutions for designing and creating those instalations, which have enormous impact for users comfort and security.


Theme mentioned during the conference:

  • Electrical equipment of low and medium voltage
  • Network and electrical installations designing
  • Controling and testing instruments for electric
  • The use of electro-technical equipment in electrical installations
  • Cables and wires used in power installations and fire
  • Surge protection against electric shock and electrical and telecommunication installations
  • Design and installation of lightning protection devices
  • Power systems in industrial instalation
  • Installation Fuses and accessories
  • Safety Equipment & Switch
  • Switchgear and control cabinets
  • industrial Lighting
  • Smart grid
  • Smart metering
  • Remote reading technology


Target group:

  • officers and employees: the technical department, research and development department, purchasing department
  • business owners, executive directors
  • architects and planners
  • installers
  • designers,
  • investors
  • developers
  • general contractors
  • construction projects managers
  • facility managers
  • Technical directors and managers
  • commercial real estate managers and tenants
  • the person responsible for the safety of buildings
  • integrators.  


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