Intelligent building – building management systems


City : Warsaw
Place : Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency
Date : 11.03.2015
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed
Intelligent building –  building management systems


Intelligent building –  building management systems

11.03.2015, Warsaw


We invite you to participate in a conference organized by MultiExpo. It will be dedicated to the possibilities of software and the integration of all electrical and multimedia devices in a particular building so as to adjust them to the rhythm of life of its users.


The subject area of the conference: 

  • Security systems: access control, alarm and monitoring systems
  • Management and automatic safety control
  • Structural wiring and telecommunication systems
  • Energy management systems in buildings, electrical network control, back-up power
  • Management of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Weather and lighting control systems
  • Personalization system
  • „Green House” energy and heating economy

Target group:
Senior and middle management:

  • people responsible for safety in buildings
  • administrators of building, managers and tenants of service, office, warehouse, residential and commercial areas
  • technical directors, installers
  • people responsible for IT infrastructure in enterprises from such industries like: construction, architectural, real estate, industrial and service
  • deliverers of infrastructure (water, heating, energy and telecommunication)
  • investors and developers, general contractors, representatives of construction and installation as well as construction and finish sectors of services

Free participation is provided for all people mentioned above. However, earlier registration is needed ->>.

The participation is payable for other people, including representatives of deliverers including services, IT and technological solutions – the cost for one person totals 1000 zlotys + 23% VAT. The organizer reserves the rights to refuse an application without giving a reason.

More detailed information is available on the website ->>.

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