Facility & Property Management - safe and economical property


City : Warszawa
Place : Centrum Konferencyjne Ogrodowa 58, Budynek City Gate
Date : 27.08.2015
Hour : 09:00 - 17:00
Status : closed

Facility & Property Management - safe and economical property

27th August, Warsaw


We invite all interested to participate in the seventh edition of the "Facility & Property Management - safe and economical property" conference, during which issues of modern property's management will be discussed.


A free participation in the event is provided to owners of structures, developers, architects, facility and property managers and people who manage in the industry of properties.  


The program includes i.a.: 

  • building management system,
  • vision monitoring,
  • management of tangible assets,
  • management of company's efficiency,
  • planning and management of quality,
  • maintenance systems of structures and devices,
  • outsourcing (economic, technical, infrastructural),
  • green building - a green dimension of structures' functioning,
  • financial control,
  • management of relations with clients,
  • automatics and safety systems in buildings,
  • management of properties,
  • management of contracts,
  • access control.

The organizer of the event is MultiExpo.

The registration on the conference is available on the website: http://multiexpo.pl/facility-management/rejestracja.


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