ECO Official LEED 001, LEED 201 and LEED GA EXAM PREP trainings back in Warsaw


City : Warszawa
Place : Golden Floor
Date : 29.06.2015 - 30.06.2015
Hour : 10:00 - 15:00
Status : closed
On June 29 and June 30, 2015 Fundacja Instytut Certyfikacji will organize the next edition of the official LEED trainings.

LEED 001 training is an introductory course for those interested in learning about LEED and green building certification. The course is perfect for the upper management, who needs to have the basics but does not need the working details. Topics covered include the various LEED rating systems – what system to use to certify your building, cost of LEED, and examples of successfully certified projects in Poland and the strategies implemented.


LEED 201 allows to gain essential knowledge of sustainable building concepts fundamental to all LEED rating systems, LEED intents and concepts at the credit category level as well as the basics of the LEED registration and certification process. The course is essential for architects and engineers, contractors, developers, agencies, responding to the growing market demand for LEED and green building. The participants must complete 001 or 101 to participate.


LEED GA EXAM PREP training provides a solid foundation for pursuing the LEED Green Associate exam, provides information about the exam and study materials. This is also the official course recommended for those pursuing LEED GA accreditation. It allows to gain essential knowledge of the LEED BD+C rating systems, including credit intents, requirements, and referenced standards; synergies among credits; and foundations of the LEED certification process. The participants must complete 001 and 201 to participate.


A large plus for the participants is the fact that those LEED courses are taught in Polish, while providing official education materials in English, making studying and understanding the content easier.

The trainings will be taught in Polish, by Agnes Vorbrodt, the first official USGBC Faculty in the CEE region (who has working experience on over 40 LEED projects including 12 LEED certified and 11 LEED Pre-certified).

All participants will receive official certificates of completion.

More information can be found at Fundacja Instytut Certyfikacji website:


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