The third edition of the conference “PROJECT INVESTOR”


City : Poznań
Place : Hotel IBB Andersia
Date : 13.10.2015
Hour : 09:30 - 16:30
Status : closed
The third edition of the conference “PROJECT INVESTOR”

13 October 2015 – IBB Andersia Hotel – Poznań



Monitor the good state of investment process in individual regions.

In June the exciting news spread around the market: “the United Arab Emirates will spend most money in the world here in Poland – the Emirati people are willing to build an urban quarter worth billions of zlotys”. However, isn`t our optimism too hasty? Are Polish cities prepared for such large-scale investments? But most of all, are they ready to meet the needs and expectations of major investors?


Before thinking about the biggest, we should first take into account the smallest ones and make sure that the Polish real estate market is a friendly space for them to run a business. We also ought to overcome crucial barriers and ensure a healthy state of the market and its participants.


A sound market means a market where healthy and sustainable investments are being developed. Things that favour them are, among others, clear principles that are consistent with international standards (the topic: Everyone calculates his own way) and also a spatial order where the permanent investment value can be created and expanded (the topic: Sustainable investments).


The spatial and regulatory chaos is like turbid water – it is good to do business there, but at the same time all market participants are losing out on it. A sound market means a market where the value of investments is increasing over time. The lack of area development plans and relying only on a planning permission conduce to the risk of the investment impairment and a change in its environment related to the development of further projects (the topic: The new construction law and spatial order).


A sound market means a polycentric one where regional markets are an important addition to the central one. They let the distribution of the investment capital be balanced, and as a result, they cause a sustainable development of the entire market (the topic: Rivalry or specialization – regions in the battle for investors).


The Polish real estate market still has a lot of catching up to do. We meet in Poznan in order to talk courageously about what is not functioning and what can be changed by us in our daily market practice in order to improve market areas that are crucial for investment attractiveness of Polish regions (The report: “Investment process health record – the new index of condition`s readout and investment attractiveness of real estate markets in individual regions of Poland”).


Only a solidary effort of all market participants towards the recovery of the market will bring us closer to dreams about an investment like from the Book of One thousand and One Nights. Let`s begin with the most mundane matters. Let`s start from the beginning.


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