Construction Works Contracts


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Polonia Palace
Date : 06.12.2011 - 07.12.2011
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed
Workshops organized by Informedia will take place on December 6th and 7th in Polonia Palace Hotel in Warszawa

Construction works contracts are one of the most complicated contracts defined in the civil code, fulfilling their terms frequently causes a number of conflicts between the clients. Before the contractor is selected, it is worth to learn how to prepare a contract so that it would properly protect the interests of the client.

Workshops, which will take place on December 6th and 7th in Polonia Palace Hotel in Warszawa, will be a platform to exchange current information about various aspects of construction contracts. The workshops are organized by Informedia Poland company.

The programme of the event includes:

  • Negotiations of the contract conditions, schedules, warrantees and payments – what we should be careful about and how can we protect ourselves
  • Joint and several liability of the participants of the building process – real examples
  • Taxation consequences of withdrawal from the construction works contract
  • Solving conflicts resulting from construction works contracts
  • The most important provisions in FIDIC contracts – legal analysis

During the workshops you will learn:

  1. How can a subcontractor/supplier ensure the right to claim remuneration from the investor
  2. What types of contracts are bound by joint and several liability of the investor and the general contractor to subcontractors/suppliers.
  3. What is the legal position of the Contract Engineer to the contractor
  4. What are the taxation consequences of withdrawing from a contract
  5. How to shorten the duration of the contract negotiations
  6. What circumstances exempt from liability for failure to meet the deadline

The worksops kindly invite:

  • employees of companies which perform in the construction process;
  • employees of companis which finance construction works;
  • employees and managers of property, legal, investments, agreements and planning departments

Each guest will receive a personal certificate confirming participating in the workshops.

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