ECO PLGBC Green Building Symposium


City : Kraków
Place : Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego
Date : 15.11.2011 - 18.11.2011
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed
Between November 15 and 18, an international conference and green building fair will be held in Cracow.

Between November 15 and 18 2011 in Cracow, the third PLGBC Green Building Symposium Expo & Gala will take place. This year’s edition will be joined by WorldGBC Europe Regional Network Meeting and international conference BuildGreenCEE.

PLGBC Green Building Symposium, Expo & Gala is the first event in Poland, which for 3 years has been successfully integrating Polish construction branch, private sector with local authorities, non-governmental institutions and academic world.  

In 4 days, PLGBC will guarantee networking meetings, lectures, talks and speeches about widely understood issue of sustainable construction – from green public orders, through EU’s regulations on eco-building and CO2 emission, specific project solutions, national and international case studies, to detailed trainings on multi-criterion certification of buildings. The meeting will take place under the patronage of World Green Building Council, which is associating GBC institutions in 86 countries - PLGBC is the only one member organization of WorldGBC and one of the few in Europe on fourth and the highest level of membership.  

November 16 will be devoted to the issue of the cooperation between private sector and government to create common eco-friendly policy. The visit of UKGBC’s Managing Director and WorldGBC’s Board Member Paul King and RoGBC’s President Steven Borncamp is already confirmed, as well as the one of the representatives of GBC from 30 countries. During 16th Gala, PLGBC Green Building Awards will be given to the winners of „Green building and green interior” competition.

November 17 – 3 lectures of the leading systems on Europe market will take place, joined by such well-respected people of the market as: Scot Horst, Senior Vice President LEED in USGBC, Martin Townsend, Director BREEAM and Christine Lemaitre, PhD, CEO DGNB. These talks will be the continuations of LEED, BREEAM and DGNB lectures from 2 years before, when PLGBC introduced those multi-criterion valuation systems to Poland in October 2009.

November 18 – the guests of the conference will be able to participate in the trainings on applying LEED and BREEAM systems in Poland – the trainings will be hosted by the leaders of Polish market from WSP Enviro, Grontmij and VvS | Architects & Consultants, one of the few professionals on Polish market who have qualifications and practical experience in certification of this type.

PLGBC Green Building Symposium, Expo & Gala’s great achievement is the honorary patronage of: Minister of Infrastructure, Minister of Environment, Embassies of Australia and USA, German Consulate in Cracow, Consulates of Austria, Embassy of Spain, Slovenia, Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection, Marek Sowa, Marshal of Małopolskie Voivodship, Stanisław Kracik, Voivode of of Małopolskie, Jacek Majchrowski, President of Cracow and Cracow University of Technology. Advanced talks are now being held with other embassies, in which the organizations associated in WorldGBC Europe Regional Network work, as well as with the leading universities of Poland.

Supporting organization is Secus. Confirmed media patrons: Architektura & Biznes, Warsaw Voice, Ecomanager, Czysta Energia, Europaproperty, Polish Market, EuroLogistics, Investment Tribune, Miesięcznik Kapitałowy, Real Estate News,,,, Dachy B2B, Qbusiness,,,,, Globenergia, InstalacjeB2B, Green2, Dziennik Polski, and Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości. The invitation to cooperate was sent to trade journals, newspapers, business and populist journals

PLGBC Green Building Symposium, Expo & Gala is already owning 8 Strategic Partners: VvS | Architects & Consultants, Eco Roads, BOST, CFE Poland, BUMA Group, Industrial Engineering Institute of Wielkopolska, Horizone Studio and EkoForte.

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