Asset Management of Property Portfolio


City : Warszawa
Place : Golden Tulip Warsaw Center
Date : 25.10.2011 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
On October 25 in Warsaw, the conference on managing assets will take place.

There are numerous methods, definitions and models of managing assets – in fact, every owner wants Asset Manager to perform individual set of works and duties. Necessary skills and functions performed by Asset Manager also depend on several variables of a portfolio, e.g. size and scale of organization, number and type of assets that are managed by a company, business aims of the owners (such as current incomes vs capital gains), as well as the characteristics of a notice (outsourcing vs in-house).

During the discussion on a growing role of Asset Manager, it is worth to remember about the necessity of processing his work. How to do it? What kind of reports, KPI and benchmarks are typical on our market and are required by the investors and property owners?

The participation in the conference will allow verifying the knowledge on following issues:

  • Types and organizational aspects of Asset Management;
  • Aims of Asset Manager vs investor’s expectations;
  • Asset Management vs raising / maintaining property’s value;
  • Benchmarking in Asset Management;
  • Financial aspects of Asset Management;
  • KPI in Asset Management;
  • Reporting in Asset Management.

In order guarantee the participants the highest activity; two discussing panels will take place, in which every participant will be able to present his opinion.

We invite to participate in the conference:

  1. Assets managers who want to deepen their knowledge on their profession and are willing to study and interact with the representatives of other professions involved in Asset Management;
  2. The owners who want to know better the advantages and disadvantages of various formulas of assets management;
  3. The investors who want to invest in property fund and are considering hiring Asset Manager in a form of  outsourcing, or in-house;
  4. Market specialists who want to continue their career in Asset Management;
  5. The representatives of companies and legal department, accountancy, banking, financing and counseling, specialists on customer service who want to deepen their understanding of their clients and employers’ needs;
  6. Brokers, analytics, property managers, agents and other representatives of the market who are looking for the possibilities of deepening their knowledge in this field;
  7. Specialists on HR, recruitment, professionals looping for better understanding of the abilities, experience and potential valuers of employees and candidates.  

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