Commercial real estate manager


City : Warszawa
Place : Golden Floor Plaza
Date : 06.09.2011 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
The conference will touch upon the subject matter of financial and economic aspects of managing.

Commercial real estate market has much developed and changed in recent years. A real estate manager, representing the interests of a real estate owner, has to care for a real estate as much as he can. Market conditions force the managers to a deep economic and financing analysis of their decisions and actions.  

The aim of Financial and economic aspects in commercial real estate management training is to find the solutions and present the experiences and best practices concerning current challenges for real estate managers in terms of financial and economic management that aims at proper exploitation of buildings and conducting investing activities.

In the training’s programme, there will be following topical sections :

  • Planning, analysis, acting strategies for economic management of real estates. KPI.
  • Managing a change – effective management of real estates
  • Different models of effective management of a real estate for one building and real estate portfolio
  • Optimizing maintenance costs of a building
  • Boosting the value and finance conditions of a real estate
  • Capital expenditures – valuation of their effectiveness

Thanks to our training, you will be able to:
- get to know the standards of work in other commercial real estates;
get to know the duties of a real estate owner and the ways to do them; 
- get to know an effective way of running investing activities and modern methods and conceptions that allow to optimize the maintenance costs of a building;
- meet the specialist of the market.

We invite to participate:

  • the owners and managers of commercial real estate;
  • administrative directors;
  • facility and property managers;
  • the owners of chain shops;
  • managers of commercial buildings;
  • directors, managers of financing and economic departments;
  • the representatives of commercial real estates, including: single office buildings and real estate portfolios, commercial centers, warehouse centers;
  • people interested in the subject matter of the conference.

The training’s programme was confirmed by Ministry of Infrastructure under 5024 number and fulfills the requirements of Professional trainings for real estate managers. The training gives you 8 educational hours. 

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