Innovative Office Seminar


City : Wrocław
Place :
Date : 11.09.2012
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
Innovative Office Seminar

The Innovative Office Seminar

The series of Innovative Office Seminars is a proposal for people searching for inspirations for designing modern and functional office interiors. You can participate in meetings, lectures and discussions, which are hosted by the best practitioners on interior office furnishings.

We present the new approach to interior office arrangement and we show the latest designing trends of this matter. During the seminars, expositions of products are available for the visitors, which come from manufacturers and distributors of office furnishing branch. Thanks to this, we deliver not only theoretical knowledge, but we also give a chance to practically get to know the propositions of the best brands are and to talk with their representatives. 

Why innovative

Introducing changes, which influence offices’ functionality, we pay particular attention to innovative solutions concerning space planning, employees’ communication and flow of information. We explain the way of thinking about an office as a flexible workplace, where innovative technologies help the employees.

The seminar is also a platform of exchanging information and providing knowledge concerning office designing according to market’s needs and researches, which prove the influence of space upon work’s effectiveness. We show how you can lower the costs of running an office and simultaneously boost the work’s effectiveness.  

Come, listen, check!

The seminar is a place of free exchange of knowledge concerning flexible and functional workplace

The participants can:

  •  listen to interesting talks by theoreticians and practitioners in the field of office interiors furnishing;
  • actively participate in discussions after the talks of specialist of the market;  
  • discuss during coffee-breaks with other participants, as well as talkers;
  • meet a selected participant thanks to Meet Me platform;
  • personally check the partners’ offer, try products, which are available on expositions, talk to the representatives of best brands offering office furnishings.

We just want to notice that the whole offer of Innovative Office Seminar aims at presenting our participants not only the best solutions on creating a functional office, but also an office that is not indifferent to design – office with a esthetic soul.

For whom?

Undoubtedly, the common element of our seminar’s recipients is the process of creating an office in a complex way. Our priority is enabling exchange of knowledge between all the people who participate in this process. That’s why we target our offer at:

  •     architects
  •     administration departments (directors and administrative managers, facility and office managers)  
  •     IT Managers 

Why is it worth-wile?

Thanks to the participation in the seminar, you gain knowledge that allow you to correctly choose equipment and technology for your office that is to make it functional, practical and most of all beneficial for its users. You will get to know that design influence work’s effectiveness in a really visible way. You will also obtain practical hints on running an office effectively, which not only allow you to lower the costs that cumulate because of this, but also significantly influence the increase of effectiveness. 

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