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Iwona Kwiatkowska, Key Account Manager from CTS company, discusses the green IT idea its advantages and costs related to it.
Iwona Kwiatkowska
Iwona Kwiatkowska

What is green IT?

Green IT is using information technology assets, such as computers, servers, the memory tools and printer in an environmental friendly way. It also provides the limits needed to purchase, manage and reprocess of the IT assets at the minimal influence on the environment, at the same time benefiting economically and pursuing to balanced managing of information technology in the enterprise.

What was the idea of green IT?

The beginning of 90’s of the twentieth century is the time of creating and implementing  the green IT. In 1992, the Environmental Protection Agency, Preservation of Environment Agency and the Energy Department of the United States established Energy Start, the international program which aim was to diminish the emission of the greenhouse gas and promotion of the energy-saving products. In 2001, the European Union has joined this agreement.

Also in 1992 in Sweden, the TCO certification was established, which was awarded to the screen and office equipment in order to confirm the energy-saving features and the accordance to the radiation emission.

How can the company benefit from it applying such solutions?

The main profits are related to the financial savings due to lower energy bills, the rental space of the servers and the costs optimization of the business trips, video conference application.

There are also long term results related to the efficiency, higher employees mobility,  savings with better time management, faster and secure information flow.

Does the use of green solution influence the work comfort and effectiveness of the employees?

Definitely. Appropriately and steadily green IT implementation is related to the work comfort, that is, better screens, illumination is linked to the vision protection, as to efficiency – meaning, electronic circulation, document storing allowing easier managing, archiving and control.

What do the costs of those solutions look like?

Each investment is related to certain expenses, which companies carefully calculate before they decide to make one. However, if the expenditure is necessary, it is better to invest in green IT. The reimbursement can be visible in short term, for example no need to rent the server space, lower costs of business trips, etc, as well as long term savings, that is, higher employee mobility, the efficiency increase, faster information flow.

How CTS company is related to green IT?

CTS uses technology related to green IT, which allows greater savings and optimal virtualization management, services “in cloud,” documentation flow, virtual labs, electronic tutorials, videoconferences, online work. We also promote the green IT by providing the knowledge by the authorized training and Comptia Strata Green IT certification.

Could you give examples of the green IT solutions?

Virtualization and servers consolidation, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and application can be a good example. There is also a reduction for an energy consumption used by servers and work stations by creation and implementation of energy management plans – computer hibernation, the selection of appropriate processors, cooling systems, using Wake-on-LAN technology – the ability of online “wakening” of the work stations, their conservation and closing. The green IT is also associated with energy-saving lightning sources, timers, motion detectors, sun batteries and alternative energy sources.

Above solutions are related to online work, online conference, electronic document flow, double-sided print-outs, quick prints.

The green IT also sets using blade servers, “thin client” technology and terminal services, net multifunctional tools – scanner, Xerox, print – all in one, net data storing technology Network Attached Storage, used batteries in stead of disposable batteries, using video conference solutions.



Iwona Kwiatkowska – Key Account Manager. She started her career in 1993.  Her cooperation with CTS started in 1999. She started as an assistant of the sale training director. She has been promoted in 2008 and not hold the present position. During her 14-year-old career, she has organized complex training projects for more than 70 thousand trainees; she has also participated in gaining new certifications. Ms. Kwiatkowska monitors the preparation and the quality of the didactic materials and also supervise the trainers. The knowledge and experience of CTS team, lead by Ms. Kwiatkowska, constitutes the warranty of effective training and correct realization of the most complex projects.

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