Lublin tries to meet market requirements

The subsequent office investments are determined by new, couragous investors, says Halina Chrzanowska, the Director of Chrzanowscy Development Sp. z o.o.
Halina Chrzanowska
Halina Chrzanowska

How would you evaluate the commercial real estate market in Lublin in the context of other regional markets in Poland?

From the office space’s point of view, Lublin tries to meet the requirement of the market. In recent years, new office buildings were built in the city. Not all spaces were, however, leased; some of them still await for new tenants.

What makes the city more competitive? Do new office investment appear in the future or is the market satiated?

The city competitiveness is conditioned by such elements as highly educated  human resources, relatively cheap labor and a very good access to public transportation. The city promotion is also important as in the country, as in Europe, which goal is to demonstrate the assets which the localization has.

Available on the market office spaces will slowly fill with tenants. However, the crisis causes huge precautions, when it comes to the location changes for more attractive. Such a decision is made only by growing enterprises, which need more space. The subsequent investments are determined by new, courageous investors.

The majority of your investments are the housing projects. The office building construction, where did it cpme from?

That was a risk diversification, maintaining the number of the technical positions for the employees, when the sale of apartments was slow.  

How does the tenant’s interest look like?

The building is in a construction phase. Our tenants will be offered the turn-key spaces. The commercialization process will start in May of this year.

What makes Kaskada Center unique on the Lublin market?

Architectonically, the center is very attractive and has been made of the highest quality materials. During the construction we decided to use, mainly, the natural stone, glass, stainless steel and wood.

What makes the center special is its location, because the building is located nearby the city center. In the near vicinity, there are also many bus stops of public transportation.

The Kaskada Center is a class A office building. It has its own, large ground and underground car park. The net of optical waveguides have been installed in the building.

Do you plan future office investment? Could you disclose more details to us?

At this moment we do not have any types of investment in mind. We wait for a significant tenants, for example, institutional one, which will decide to rent the space in the Kaskada Center. Certainly, if we notice any signs on the market, then we will answer with a project. In our portfolio, there are many real estate designed for service and office construction industry.

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