How to decorate your office for Christmas?

Christmas decorations (realization and picture by Kwiaty dla Biura)
Christmas decorations have recently been present on the city streets and in the shops. Christmas trees and different wreaths are also in our houses. And what about offices? We are talking with Kinga Dzwonnik, Kwiaty dla Biura, about “tasty” decorations.

To sum up, the Christmas tree should fit the concrete company’s profile?


Definitely, yes. Christmas decorations and Christmas trees in offices can be really different, if we take the business activity run by a given company into consideration. Kwiaty dla Biura has realized a “candy Christmas tree”, on which decorations in the form of cookies, candies and small cakes were hung. It looked really slickly, however, not every company can allow for such decorative “craziness”, because decorations of this type do not fit everywhere.


Is it better to choose more neutral decorations in such cases?


Yes. We choose decorations of classic coloring and we try to adjust them to the concrete interior.

What are the top colors in Christmas decorations this year?


The most classic colors, the combination of which is known and liked by numerous people, are gold and red, or silver and red. The Christmas trees in such coloring are present in many places in Poland. However, it does not mean that clients do not allow to "play” with the blaze of other shades. Our recent realizations are e.g. the white-silver Christmas tree. A very interesting combination concerns such colors as green and orange, or white and champagne or ecru. Then the Christmas tree is very elegant and – what is important – inimitable. One of our most special realizations was, for instance, the Christmas tree decorated with heavy purple (eggplant-like), combined with decorations of different shades of pink. The Christmas tree was placed in the office – the tenement house – and fitted the decoration and elegance of that place. However, every Christmas tree is created from the bottom of our hearts. All of them are unique. Their appearance in the office, shopping malls and houses immediately brings warmth and joy, and this is what matters in Christmas.


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