Platinum - not only for corporations

There is a new office building around the Grzegórzeckie roundabout, made by two developers from Krakow, the "Grupa Bryksy" and the Profix Company.
Mirosław Bryksy
Mirosław Bryksy

We talk to the CEO of the "Grupa Bryksy" Mirosław Bryksy, about how was the Platinum office building created, and about new form of sales, addressed also to small companies interested in buying smaller surface modules.

"Grupa Bryksy" is a well known housing developer in Krakow, where did you get the idea to create an office building?
As a developer, we focus primarily on the housing market, but for many years of designing houses, we also had some projects related to commercial premises. Sometimes imposed on us because of the terms of local plans and zoning, but also consciously planned. We are primarily a developer, that is why the creation of new building projects, not just housing, is in the area of ​​our interest.
You chose to work with a co-investor. Were there any specific reasons why you did not want to be an independent investor?
In early 2010, we were involved in other large housing projects in Krakow, Nowy Targ and Wroclaw. Access to financial resources for realization of new business development at that time was very difficult. We decided to look for a partner who wanted to expand the office space market, and have access to the necessary funds for the project. And we found one.
Why Profix? Did you organize a "casting" for the co-investors, or was it a natural order of things?
No, there was no "casting". We immediately offered cooperation to Profix - Targosz Strebecki & Partners. We know the owner of the company for many years, he is a reliable and trustworthy partner. Profix professionalism and our mutual trust led to a rapid agreement. Profix has been working with great success for many years as a general contractor in the property market of warehouse and office space. They made a number of investments in the steel building construction by the LLENTAB system. For a long time also investing heavily in this particular market segment. They take pride of some high-quality projects in the area of ​​the Na Rybitwach square in Krakow and near Niepołomice. The rapid development and good sense of the market of the owners of Profix prompted them to invest in a new segment of the real estate market. As it turned out - with success. I am convinced that this will not be our only investment. We are already thinking about the next.
Where did the idea came from for the name of the investment?
We wanted the name not only to emphasize the high standard of the building, but also its
unique character due to the location. Therefore, the combination of platinum, rare and extremely valuable ore. So the idea for the name of the office was born - Platinum.
Platinum is for you (Grupa Bryksy and Profix) the first office investment on this scale. How do you rate today your decision to enter the office market?
I think that placing an intimate office building in this area was a very good decision.Additionally, the offer, which assumed sale, not only renting the office space, increased its appeal. There are many companies that prefer to purchase a headquarters or a branch as a financial investment. Now the building is put into operation, 60 percent of the surface is sold, we do not complain about the lack of interest, so we treat this investment as a success.
The decision to build this project is a big undertaking. Did you researched the needs of tenants, adapted the object for a given industry?
No, we did not studied the market in a particular way. Project from the beginning assumed maximum universality of utility. Height of ceilings and flexibility in structuring the surface guaranteed to meet the expectations of anyone interested in purchasing. I must admit that we were hoping for interest from the law branch, mainly because of the proximity of law courts. However, up to now, our customers come from other, very different branches.
What was the reason for choosing this area of ​​Krakow?
We found this to be an extremely attractive location. Kordylewskiego Street is located in the city center. The property is adjacent to Aleja Pokoju and the Powstania Warszawskiego street. Nearby are large, upgraded communication hubs: Mogilskie and Grzegórzeckie rounabouts. Thanks to this, property is perfectly connected. This location provides excellent access both by car and public transport. There is a lot of tram and bus lines, it is close to the railway station and bus station. Kordylewskiego is also a well-known street because there's nothing but buildings of the Court, the City Hall and office buildings. This excellent location was the main factor that determined our selection. The history of this place dates back to 2004, when he bought the land. The original plan was the construction of a large residential and office complex in the area including the adjacent plots of land. The plans, however, did not carried out. We decided to redesign the investment, focusing on the concept of the intimate office building.
What differs Platinum from other office buildings in Krakow? Why is this office, and no other, good to choose for the place of business?
First of all the above mentioned unique location. Undoubtedly, the building's relation to the street is an advantage. Although it is located adjacent to major thoroughfares, it is quiet here, the city noise does not reach this building. In addition, modern and very elegant and intimate architectural design of the building created a very friendly space to work, in the center of Krakow. Platinum high standard certainly adds prestige. This address itself, is a great business card for a company.
Are you going to continue with such projects after your experience with Platinum?
Yes, we are definitely interested in the construction of this type of biuldings for sale. If the opportunity arises, we will gladly invest in an office building a similar, intimate character. The condition will be as unique location as the Kordylewskiego street.
Thank you for your time.

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