Racławicka Center is closer and closer to an opening

The picture depicts Racławicka Center.
The picture depicts Racławicka Center.
At the site of the investment Racławicka Center in Wrocław the last finishing works outside its buildings are being conducted. Apart from that, interiors are being furnished.


Racławicka Center is a complex of 3 buildings of the B+ class. Within the investment,  the already existing building B1 was expanded, and two new ones, B2 and B3, were built. The compex offers about 4700 sq. m of office area, whereas the area of an average floor fluctuates frim 565 to 684 sq. m.

The complex Racławicka Center is situated between streets Skarbowców and Racławicka in a district of Krzyki Borek. Its localtion allows for good communications with the city center, mainly owing to the closeness of a central a motorway by-passes. One needs about 20 min. to get to the Copernicus Airport in Wrocław and 10 min. to get to the railway station Wrocław Główny.

The buildings if the complex are distinguishable by its high quality finishing. Racławicka Center is equipped with, i.a. fan coil units, mechanical and gravity ventilation or an access control system. The investor, the MCA company, offers the renting of the whole, independent floors in the complex. Each of the floors is equipped with two full bathrooms and has access to a staircase and a lift.

The investment combines nature with functionality. The design of its buildings guarantees natural light in their offices. Besides, within one of the buildings, there are observation decks and a footbridge fit into a green escarpment. Office employees will be able to rest in the adjacent green areas or at the nearby pond. The investor made an effort to create a alley for walking surrounded by clusters of trees and bushes.

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