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ECO What has Durban given to the world ?

Over 190 countries has accepted so called road map, which is a plan to achieve a new global agreement concerning climate in 2015.


Negotiations of Climate Convention in Durban finished on 11th of December, after almost two weeks. The participants were representatives of ONZ countries. Over 190 countries have agreed to the so called road map, which is a plan to achieve a new global climate agreement in 2015. It would be in force in 5 years and it would concern all the countries.

Apart from the road map, the participants of the conference have agreed to prolong Kyoto Protocol for another draw period (the main assumption of Kyoto Protocol is to lower the emissions of greenhouse gasses). The conference has also decided on many solutions which are to support adaptation to climate change such as green fund and financial support to eco investments in the poorest countries most endangered by climate change.   

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