Telecommunication & Technology sector fuels offices

Leasers from Telecommunication & Technology sector are the most active in Europe.

It is the first time that Banking & Finance sector's immovables demand was excelled by Telecommunication & Technology sector. T&T currently is in need of more office workspace as specialists from CBRE stated.

CBRE's research was hold in 16 key markets concerning offices in Europe, namely: London, Warsaw, Vienna, Brussels, Prague, Zagreb, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Paris, Budapest, Moscow, Bratislava, Barcelona and Dublin.

In the first half of the 2012 companies form T&T sector leased there 520 000 m2 of area while Banking & Finance sector leased "only" 420 000m2.

In Western part of Europe the most desired, for T&T, are Dublin and London. Interest is growing around Berlin, Munich and Hamburg. In Eastern Europe leasers from T&T sector are choosing Warsaw and Moscow.

Back in 2010 this sector of leasers had 17% in Warsaw. Poland attracts attention thanks to highly qualified workers. 

Consultant in market research and advising from CBRE, Konrad Heidinger, stated: While Finance & Banking companies have reassessed their investments plans and tend to consolidate their branches, companies from T&T sector are in rapid growth. Often seeking offices in proximity with their business partners and other T&T companies. In Warsaw  T&T companies frequently chose offices in Ochota, along Aleje Jerozolimskie. Leasers there are for example: Orange, Wincor Nixdorf, Microsoft and Philips.

Director of the office space department in CBRE, Daniel Bienias, added: There were no big lease contracts from new copanies, but companies that are present on Polish market have leased much more office space. For example, Oracle company, after fusions and takeovers, has greatly increased office space in Cracow and Katowice. CBRE company anticipates that next year will be a year of consolidations and takeovers, also optimisation of workspace and increased pressure on workplace strategies philosophy is to be gradually implemented.

Translated by S. Kolbusz

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