Sustainable development by marketers

At the end of January the first meeting of Construction Marketing Group, specialists in strategic marketing, was held.

On 24 January the first meeting of Construction Marketing Group was held in the headquarters of  Philips Lighting, the meeting's sponsor .

"We wish to create a professional Marketing Group which would be represented by key players in the building and real estate market. Our goal is to create a platform which would provide the opportunity for regular meetings and mutual experience exchange between decisive persons in marketing strategies. We will promote a strategic role of marketing in order to improve strategies of sustainable development of the building and real estate market," says Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek, the founder of  CMG representing Buro Happold company.

Construction Marketing Group is comprised of specialists in strategic marketing which promotes the idea of sustainable development of building market and commercial real estates.

The aim of the first session was to present the main goals for 2013. Participants had the opportunity i.a. to see a presentation "Vision of sustainable development for Polish business 2050", by Irena Picholi, Team Leader of Sustainable Development and Responsible Business in PwC.

The group is planning to organise the series of theme workshops and networking sessions. One of CMG's postulates is to create a report on sustainable development of the building market in Poland. With its creation, the group is to affiliate with WorldGBC. Another plan of Contruction Marketing Group is to conduct lobbying activities on the governmental level in order to draw people's attention to sustainable development of Poland by 2050, with particular consideration of the building sector.

Construction Marketing Group provided the opportunity to meet people who deal with strategic marketing, business development and communication on the real estate market. The group is going to educate persons from the building branch in sustainable development. The CMG's mission is promotion of the strategic role of marketing and sustainable development in the sector.

CMG is an open organisation which members may join in by means of recommendations. Meetings are free and for participation no fees are charged.

The group's founder is Katarzyna Chwalbińska-Kusek working for Business Development and Marketing Manager CE in Buro Happols. The co-founder is Ewa Zwardoń from  Segment Marketing Manager CEE from  Philips Lighting and Dominik Suwiński, marketing  and trading director. The CMG's support parterns are Magda Cieliczko, Marketing Director, Eastern Europe, Colliers International and Aleksandra Wasilewska, PR manager Eastern Europe, Colliers International. is the media partner of  Construction Marketing Group's meetings. The strategic media partner of CMG is Builder magazine, of which publisher is PWB Media.

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