Fifty Most Creative in Business

Participants of the "Fifty Most Creative in Business" ceremony.
Participants of the "Fifty Most Creative in Business" ceremony.
During a ceremony organised by BRIEF magazine on 27 February 2013, "fifty most creative in business" were presented.

On 27 February 2012 in the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, the “Fifty Most Creative in Business” ceremony took place. The event, organised by BRIEF magazine, included a debate on “Creativity as the source of success in business”.

During the debate the following participants took the floor: Norbert Biedrzycki from MCI Management, Rafał Brzoska from, Ewa Magdalena Filipp from the Grand Theatre—National Opera), Paweł Kastory from DDB, Dr. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka from Mercedes-Benz Poland, Jarosław Sroka from Kulczyk Investments and Piotr Voelkel from Meble VOX. Grzegorz Kiszluk, editor-in-chief of the BRIEF magazine, was the chairperson. He asked the participants about the definition of creativity and whether or not one can learn it. The conclusion that speakers arrived at was that in order to achieve a success in the modern world, managers need more than a set of marketing tools. The have to look for new inspirations to develop their own creativity, which enables the creation of new, fresh ideas.

The second part of the ceremony was devoted to awarding the most creative business entrepreneurs. The awards were presented by the editor-in-chief of BRIEF. Among the laureates, there were Patryk Strzelewicz and Michał Bąk (creators of the Dice+ project), Artur Szwede (founder of Garage Creative), Jakub Bochenek (founder and owner of the Tuban company), Michał Czekalski and Łukasz Olek (founders and owners of the site, Joanna Grzelak-Piaskowska and Dawid Piaskowski (originators of and and Dymitr Głuszczenko (creator of The full list of all laureates can be found here.

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