ECO Romanian SkyTower has been completed.

The highest building In Romania – SkyTower
Raiffeisen Evel has finished building 137-meter office building SkyTower, the tallest building in Romania

The building of the highest building In Romania-SkyTower took 2 years. Vienna developer Raiffeisen Evolution has completed the construction of both this object and the future office building of FCC Office. Gerald Beck, Managing Director in Raiffeisen Evolution, admits that the investment was brought into question in year 2008, when the construction was stopped due to the changes on the market. In autumn 2010, the construction was re-opened, and now the developer gave the property to the use.

At the end of year 2011 Raiffeisen Evolution has announced the sale of both buildings – SkyTower and FCC Office to the company Raiffeisen Property Holding International (RPHI). From that moment the previous owner has became the general contractor.

The Romanian Raiffeisen Bank S.A occupies floors from 2 to 7 in Sky Tower as well as the whole FCC office. The headquarter of the company and most of the employees are in this building.  The rest of floors in the skyscraper will be rented by  RPHI. The negotiations with international companies interested in renting the space already take place. The café will be opened on the ground floor whereas on the highest two floors the restaurant and SkyBar. Sky Tower offers a total of 50 400 sqm of usable space but 41 200 sqm is for rent.

SkyTower was given the precertificate LEED on "Gold” level.

From 2011 in the neighborhood of Sky Tower and FFC Office the shopping and entertainment center Promenade is being built. The construction is about to finish at the end of 2013 year, and about 80% of its surface is already rented.

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Wanda :
A mnie bardziej się nasz Sky Tower podoba. Ale zdjęcie nocą faktycznie imponujące!
June 13, 2013 at 3:39 PM
Lucjan :
Zdjęcie w nocy imponujące! Ciekawy projekt, powiem szczerze, że ładniejszy od naszego wrocławskiego ;P
June 13, 2013 at 3:17 PM