Grunwaldzki Square for sale again

Grunwaldzki Square Office Center. mat. the Ministry of Treasury
Grunwaldzki Square Office Center. mat. the Ministry of Treasury
The Ministry of Treasury once again put up for sale the shares of Grunwaldzki Square Office Center

The former auctions have failed. The Ministry of Treasury reduced the price of the shares – in March it came to 128 PLN per share, in May – 88,39 PLN, whereas now it amounts to 75,14 PLN. Altogether 85 per cent of all the company's shares, which until that moment belonged to the treasury, were put up for sale. The reserve price amounts to around 14,5 mln PLN.


Those who are interested in the auction can enter for it by 5th July 2013, whereas the auction is to take place on the 9 thJuly 2013 in the Ministry of Treasury in Warsaw. Bid bond amounts to 1,4 mln PLN.


The Grunwaldzki Square Office Center company exists for over 60 years and deals with managing the office building in Katowice. The office building offers over 17 000 m² and is located in the downtown. In the building one can rent areas of various size – from 16 m² up to 2000 m². The office building has 7 above-ground storeys and 2 underground ones. It was based on the frame construction, formed by two rows of columns. Such a solution allows almost any possible formation of the layout of internal walls between columns.


The building and the paid parking are monitored day and night. Currently, the building is a seat of almost 100 companies and institutions of various trades. Among the main assets of the office building are its location, its own parking and flexibility of arranging internal walls.


In 2011 the company underwent restructuring, during which, among others, an unprofitably organised part of the company in the form of a design office was sold. Employment structure was also optimised.


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