Koziołek, Lublin in troubles

An office building that is in the phase of plans is going to be built in the place of car park near popular supermarket.

According to “Dziennik Wschodni” the erection of an office building in Lublin is in advanced stage of planning. A modern, four storey building is going to be built at confluence of Lipowa and Sądowa streets. The investment was divided into few stages.

DK-Med is the owner of the building lot where the office building is going to be built. Currently a car park and the unkempt building of  the former headquarter of Ochotnicza Rezerwa Milicji Obywatelskiej are at the lot in question. Nearby is located “Koziołek”, a tin supermarket that belongs to Lubelska Spółdzielnia Spożywców “Społem”. The further plans of the investor include demolition of the popular store, in order to replace it with modern Delicatessen. Nevertheless, it cannot be done without consent of LSS “Społem”.

According to the newspaper, the conversion of the car park is likely to begin this autumn. The new design of the building will be ready in the next few weeks and all the works will last for at most two years.


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