Pomerania Technopark crowded with investors

A night visualisation of Pomerania Technopark
A night visualisation of Pomerania Technopark
A support program, offered by Szczecin complex, has aroused interest in many innovative firms.

Office spaces in the first commissioned building of Szczecin Science & Technology Park are extremely popular among investors – announced "Głos Pomorza". Many innovative firms are interested in the support program, offered by Pomerania Technopark.

SS&TP provides aid for newly-established firms in the beginning of their activities. According to the daily, enterprises are most often interested in services in legal and business advisory. They can also count on consultations concerning business plan and attractive manager and specialist trainings.

Among the occupants of Szczecin Technopark are both new firms, and the well-established ones, such as for instance SICA, COMANGLE and Business Accounting Office. SS&TP is also a seat for associations – informal groups and organisations, which support IT sector, like SZLUUG – a group of Linux users, ICT West Pomerania Cluster, as well as Foundation of Internet Industry Development „Netcamp”.

As we can read in "Głos Pomorza", Szczecin park initiated "Cloud for cities" project. The concept includes starting a special platform, through which enterprises will provide IT services i.a. in electronic trade area, IT systems safety and e-health. Among the advantages of the enterprise a possibility to cooperate for IT firms and bigger chances for financial success can be enumerated. Five firms located in Technopark have joined the project.

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