Groupon's new initiative for entrepreneurs

A free educational workshop cycle Groupon Business Club, directed at small and medium enterprises, begins.

The aim of the project realised by Groupon company is to share knowledge concerning the latest marketing, technological and selling solutions, which will allow entrepreneurs to increase their competitiveness. The workshop is organised by Groupon Poland in cooperation with Polish Confederation of Private Employers Lewiatan and AIP Business Link.

Groupon Business Club workshop is a part of consistently executed strategy, in which Groupon is to be not only a selling platform, but also a significant tool supporting development of local firms. We are keen on building steady and long-lasting relations with enterprenuers and the already initiated workshop cycle should be of help in achieving this aim. In order to develop effectively and to gain a competitive advantage, entrepreneurs need better understanding of the current macroeconomic situation and learning good business practices. We invited both experts of PKPP Lewiatan and successful businessmen, willing to share their experience, to cooperate in the project – explains Aniela Hejnowska, Groupon Poland Managing Director.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are a driving force of Polish economy. 1,87 million firms operate here, and 90 per cent of Groupon company's partners are the enterprises employing less than 20 people. SMEs' development barrier unfortunately is, especially in the initial stage of firm's growth, a limited access to sources of financing, and because of that – a lack of funds for necessary marketing operations.

Polish businessmen finance their development and operations in straight majority from their own capital. Meanwhile, there are relatively easily accessible solutions, which apart from capital allow to gain business contacts and know-how – remarks Dr. Jacek Adamski, the manager of Lewiatan Business Angels.

During the workshop organised by Groupon Poland, the invited experts will talk about efficient methods of promotion, accessible for smaller firms with respect to finance. The project will take place in five cities – Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań, Gdańsk and twice in Warsaw. All the meetings will be held in local seats of Entrepreneurial Poland – AIP Business Link.

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