A construction of Fabryczna Office Park begins

Fabryczna Office Park in Wrocław
Fabryczna Office Park in Wrocław
Ultranet company has begun the construction of a modern office complex in Wrocław.

Fabryczna Office Park will comprise of three 3-storeyed office buildings and it will be completed in the first quarter of 2014.

The complex is located at the intersection of Wagonowa and Fabryczna streets. The buildings are situated in a short distance from the centre, next to the road to the airport. Occupants will be able to use convenient public transport, both trams and buses. The complex surroundings are cosy, small buildings and a lot of green. Tenants and guests of Fabryczna Office Park will have at their disposal 88 parking places, 6 of them adapted to the needs of the disabled.

Each building will offer the space of 1 000 m2, with each storey having over 300 m2 of usable space.

Air-conditioning, fitted carpet, suspended ceiling, telephone and computer wiring will be included in standard. There will also be access control system and management system installed in the building. Tenants will have individual utility metering.

The investor, Ultranet Sp. z o.o. company, deals with telecommunication services provided on the basis of its own optical fibre infrastructure, IT services, along with building services. The company is also a developer offering office and residential spaces. Ultranet's portfolio includes an office building at Strzegomska Street, with the space of 3200 m2 on 7 storeys. The structure is characterised by technologically-advanced solutions.


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