Over a thousand bankruptcies in 2013

In the second quarter, there were more bankruptcies than in the whole last year. As a result, a lot of workplaces are lost.

The problem of bankruptcy, especially in construction sector, have been setting tongues wagging for some time. Sadly, the latest record of Legal and Economic Monitor are not optimistic at all. In the second quarter of 2013, ca. 230 subjects declared bankruptcy, which is 6,5 per cent more than last year and 26,7 per cent more than in 2011. Not only construction companies mentioned above are in serious trouble, but also stationer's and furniture ones, as well as those of entertainment, culture ans sport.

The problem of bankruptcy has been seriously growing since the end of last year. Economic situation is getting worse, so the companies find managing harder – Piotr Soroczyński, the main economist of Export Credit Insurance Corporation Joint Stock Company comments.

The situation has been extremely hard since the end of 2012. From January till the end of March, 235 companies declared bankruptcy, in the second quarter – 228. In June itself, 85 companies went bankrupt, which means nearly a half more than in May. Even though, the economy is gradually becoming stable, the companies which had problems with financial liquidity find it very hard to bounce back.

Business forecast for current year say that ca. 1200 companies is going to collapse – says Piotr Soroczyński

Currently, the companies of entertainment, culture and tourism are in the hardest situation. When we have problems with incomes, when the households and companies try to reduce the costs, then it comes as no surprise that we resign from the services that are more likely to be dropped, which are culture and entertainment – the economist explains

The number of bankrupting companies is systematically growing also in such fields as: manufacture of furniture and stationery, as well as construction industry. It relates to the manufacturers of building materials, producers and developers.

When we talk about ca. thousand companies, which bankrupted, or will eventually do so, and each of them could employ from 50 to 100 people, it means thousands of workplaces. It is a very serious problem for those who lost their jobs and have no means of support, but then it has got the domino effect on the economy. Polish economy, for the first time after the transformation, which is twenty years, cannot count on its own national demand – Piotr Soroczyński says.


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