Nowy Styl is fourth in Europe

The products of Nowy Styl
The products of Nowy Styl
Nowy Styl Group became the representantive of Polish sector of office furniture as part of European Federation of Office Furniture.

Polish company was once again ranked high on a list of 100 biggest manufacturers of office furniture in Europe, which was published at the beginning of June. Nowy Styl Group was ranked fourth by European Federation of Office Furniture (FEMB - Fédération Européenne du Mobilier de Bureau) and British consulting agency JSA League.

The list indicates that 100 biggest companies generate sale of ca. 7 billion euros. Nowy Styl Group achieved a rate of 242 million euros from sale.

Nowy Styl Group also became a member of FEMB association. Thanks to this, it will represent Polish sector of office furniture. The accession of Nowy Styl Group is a sensation in FEMB. Usually, only national institutions and associations, as well as non-governmental organizations become its members.

The aim of European Federation of Office Furniture FEMB is harmonization and standardization of the industry in Europe, as well as supporting the communication between its members. In addition, it provides with reliable economic information concerning the development of office furniture industry.

Nowy Styl Group has been on the market since 1992 and it meets the expectations of its clients by four brands – Nowy Styl, BN Office Solution, Forum Seating and Baltic Wood. The company also included Grammer Office brand in its portfolio and has recently purchased German company Rohde & Grahl. The group's branches are located in 12 countries and employ 5700 people. Its products are to be found in 60 countries around the world. 

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