ZUS wants to have the new office building in Łódź worth 33 billion PLN

ZUS in Łódź has announced a tender for the construction of the office building near Lipiec Reymontowskich 11 street.

The tender announced by ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) is worth 7 661 431, 74 euros that is less than 22 billion PLN. The aim of the tender is to construct a building that will become the premises of I and II ZUS Department in Łódź. The office building will have area of 1734 sq meters and the offices will be located on 1635 sq meters. In addition, the constructor will also be responsible for erecting a garage building of 80,5 sq meters and land development, including the construction of transformer station, bin shelter, traffic concourses and parking places, underground utilities network, a fence and the development of green zone. The building will have five ground levels and one underground level.

In the building near Zamenhoffa 2, where the premises of I ZUS Department in Łódź and II Inspectorate in Łódź (Bałuty) are located now, over 500 thousands of people are annually served – it often happens that there are over 2000 people daily, which is the biggest number in the whole country. Because of the big number of clients and growing number of direct dealings with the client, waiting time is getting longer and longer – Monika Kielczyńska, the spokesman of I ZUS Department in Łódź, explains the reasons of the construction.

Currently, there is no possibility to create additional stands, so shortening waiting time is impossible. The aim of the construction of the building is to re-direct the part of the clients to Inspectorate on Bałuty. Due to the investment, there will be three new places in Łódź, where people will be able to deal with insurance matters. The localization of those places will enable every citizen to reach one of them in similar time – Monika Kielczyńska explains.

ZUS in Łódź currently hires its space in three localizations: near Brzezińska street, Kościuszki avenue and Łęczycka street. The annual cost of hiring these three building equal over 2 billion PLN. After the construction of the new building, ZUS will resign from hiring the spaces mentioned above – the spokesman declares. Moreover, ZUS is not the owner of space where medical rooms are located. These are very far from the clients' expectations. As the proper owner of the building, ZUS has full rights to modernize them and make them fulfill the rules and regulations concerning medical rooms – she adds.

The new office building will contain Customer Service Room for the inhabitants of Bałuty and Górna part, Bałuty Inspectorate, Medical Certification Department, Certifying Physicians, Medical Referees and the archive. The premises is about to be ready in the first half of 2015.

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