employs in Poznań, one of the oldest Internet shops on the Polish market, will move its headquarters to Poznań in September has already started moving from Warszawa to Poznań. It means increasing employment in the company, which at the moment is looking for over one hundred new employees.

At the beginning of September the site moves here all its structures and offices, therefore in the middle of July we start comprehensive recruitment for positions in all departments. We are looking for over one hundred specialists – says Łukasz Rybczonek, Director of Marketing and Sales provides not only books but also toys, cosmetics, sports equipment and electronic accessories. In May 2013 the company joined the portfolio of a stock-listed company Czerwona Torebka. The transaction value was set at nearly PLN 51.3 mln. By the end of the year the company plans to create across the country 35 new pick-up points for the customers of the e-shop. The points will be located in arcades belonging to Czerwona Torebka.

The history of goes back to 1998. Quite a lot has changed since then, therefore the change in ownership does not only mean the change of location but also refreshment of the site, its functionality and image. We want to be more user friendly – explains Łukasz Rybczonek. Also, we want to go from online to offline reality and develop the network of pick-up points which will allow to order and pick up our goods as well as stop for a moment and have a cup of coffee – adds Rybczonek.

Poznań attracts e-commerce companies more and more frequently. The city already houses Allegro, situated in Pixel office building.

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Ela :
I bardzo dobrze. firmy zaczynają przenosić się z warszawy do mniejszych miast, takich jak Poznań właśnie. Dzięki temu rośnie szansa na wyrównanie wysokości płac. Oczywiście, nigdy nie będa tak wysokie jak w Warszawie, ale wraz ze zwiększeniem dużych firm, podniosa się także zarobki
August 6, 2013 at 3:49 PM