ECE is going to build an office building in Kraków

Faculty of Architecture of the City of Kraków issued a zoning permit for a plot at Pawia Street – an office building can be built there.

The plot area of about 2.5 ha at Pawia Street in Kraków belongs to ECE. On July 19th 2013 the Faculty of Architecture issued zoning permit for the ground. The place can hold an office building with additional commercial and services function, underground garage, driveway and technical infrastructure.

The documentation specifies that the building will be about 24 meters high, with an option to install technological equipment on the roof, although its height can exceed the height of the roof by maximum 1.5 meters. Frond façade will be around 82 meters wide. Development intensity ratio for the plot is estimated at about 55%. Those specifications are not yet legally binding.

Besides, plans to carry out construction works including hardening of the ground on the plot at Pawia Street and building a fence were delivered to the Faculty of Architecture on July 10th.

Leszek Sikora, Director of Development at ECE says: ECE owns plot area of about 2.5 ha in Kraków at Pawia Street and currently prepares certain legal grounds related to the conditions of development (WZ) in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the city. The decisions made confirm the potential of the project and help to decide about the form, possibilities and schedule of any future investment undertaken by ECE or any other entity.

The property is located on plots number 325/8 and 325/9 within 8 Śródmieście.

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