An office building that should have never existed

CBA has informed about another questionable decision made by Property Commission. Curia was given a land without a sound reason.

CBA has informed about new inconsistencies associated with decisions of the Komisja Majątkowa (Property Comission), this time the archdiocese of Warsaw was given a land. When in 1993 the archdiocese first lost its land and later requested for reimbursement of the land as the way of compensation. In 2002, the curia was given a new area of the 2k sqm of surface in the centre with perpetual and gratuitous usufruct of land. Ministry of Interior indicates that the applicant did not demonstrate their rights to regain previously lost land. - informs “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza” which with use of the unofficial data has discovered that the land in question is situated between Świętokrzyska Street and Jasna Street. Centrum Jasna, an office building, was built there in 2004, and it serves as headquarters for representants of, among others, European Comission as well as the information office of European Parliament.

Even if it was proven that curia should not have been given the land, it probably will not lose it, because decisions of Komisja Majątkowa (Assets and Property Commission) are difficult to undermine. - informs “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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