Skalar awarded

The competition European Property Awards has been solved. One polish building has been honoured.

Skalar Office Center is the only polish building that has been rewarded by an international jury in this year’s edition of European Property Awards. It has been recognised as the best architectural design in Office Architecture category.

The office building in question, situated in Poznan, is an investment of Grupa PBG Dom, and was designed by Pracownia Architektoniczna Ewy i Stanisława Sipińskich. According to the modernistic conception assumed by the architects the modernistic shape of the building was to integrate with the post-industrial vicinity.

Skalar, commissioned in the late 2012, became the registered office of PZU SA (the largest Polish insurance company), Polmed SA (a medical centre) as well as Bridgestone (a manufacturer of tyres).

European Property Awards are awarded in 13 categories concerning real properties situated on the Old Continent. The selection of the winners is conducted in cooperation with Bloomberg Television and Google. The prize giving ceremony is going to be held on September 23 in London.

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