Fear of ratings

After the fall in U.S.'s ratings the investors are worried about France.

The Tuesday's improvement in rankings brought about positive moods among the investors – informs 'Gazeta Wyborcza'. However, those that believed that it can't get any worse were wrong – we can read further on.


After Standard&Poor's has decreased the U.S.'s rating, another country in danger of a decrease has become France. An extraordinary meeting of the government, central bank and president Sarkozy, who has interrupted his holidays, has increased the anxiety of stock exchange's participants. The chaos on the market was controlled by the news from ministry of finances and the agency itself. France will remain its rank, and the state's finances are not in such a bad condition as it was predicted. Nevertheless, the Paris's stock exchange index CAC has noted a fall of 5,5 percent.


Market fluctuations have also influenced the Warsaw's stock exchange. The value of shares have fallen as WIG 20 has decreased for the eight consecutive time. However, Polish state shares were in high demand. The whole pool of obligations worth 5 billion zlotys has been sold, but due to the twice as high need of investors for state's debt securities, the state has created an additional auction in which additional obligations worth 1 billion zlotys was sold – states 'Gazeta Wyborcza'. The prime minister has emphasized that Poland has no influence on the fluctuations of Switzerland's Frank. After midnight of 11th August Frank was worth 4,12 zlotys.

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