How to enhance the efficiency of an existing building?

RICS presents its new directives concerning recommendations connected with ecology in real estate sector.

How to make a full use of a building during the entire period of its usage? The answer to this question is given by newest directives of RICS titled: 'Balanced development: the enhancement present building's efficiency'.

RICS experts underline, that the popularity of 'green' initiatives is not decreasing. As a result, a long list of advantages and attractions aimed at leaseholders, owners and investors concerning the evaluation and introduction of ecological solutions in accordance with the rules of balanced development, has occurred.

Given the fact that the number of RICS's members interested in issues connected with ecological solutions used in buildings – from the real estate's modernization, through its functioning and management – is constantly growing, the newest directives answer the legal and market requirments, setting standardized practices of balanced development in the investing process – says Zsolt Toth, External Affairs & Liaison Manager in RICS Europe.

Advice included in the directives concern various issues, such as the increase of potential coming from balanced investment, the optimization of strategy or the maximization of real estate's efficiency. Their aim is to help in effective management of the location.

The need of a more effective management of the resources and units responsible for the emission of carbon dioxide is a major chance for RICS organizations and companies operating in real estate sector. These issues are becoming increasingly important if we take into account the fact that state governments are more and more often introducing severe and demanding environmental regulations, which can be seen in the coming notification from the EU concerning the balanced construction – comments Zsolt Toth.

RICS invites experts from the organization to make use of directives. They are described in a list of steps and practices connected with ecology and balanced development. Among others they include, hints concerning potential costs which can be helpful in the creation of of modernization strategy.

RICS plays an important role in the process of education, training and creating opinions as well as leading changes. By introducing these standards, we want to provide the experts with a precise plan for integration of ecological solutions in already existing buildings – comments Zsolt Toth, External Affairs & EU Liaison Manager, RICS Europe.     

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