What do corporations want?

Warsaw is among the 15 best business hot-spots worldwide.

On the basis of studies and conversations conducted with the managers of companies development and corporations sector, 'Fortune' magazine has published a list of 500 hot-spots - the best locations for business needs. In the first 15 of this international ranking one can find Warsaw.

The list has been dominated by the U.S. with 133 companies. In comparison with the previous decade, when the presence of 185 companies has been noted, the new result is a decrease by nearly 30 percent. The increase in the number of companies has been noted in China - from 12 in 2001 to 61 in 2011. The rankings of countries like India, Russia and Brazil are getting stronger. It means that leading even the biggest company in the world, one should not place the seat of the company only in New York, London or Hongkong.

According to the 'Fortune' magazine, the position of Warsaw has been determined by the presence of nearly 300 000 higher education facilities' students. This factor, along with a significant government support and low work costs in comparison to the EU has attracted companies like Daewoo and Coca - Cola. Some of the additional advantages are: location of the city right in the center of the old continent and significant green areas making up for nearly 10 percent of the city center. With such attributes, Warsaw can easily become one of the leaders in terms of location for business purposes.

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