Market's disturbances

Problems in the Euro zone, the decrease of the U.S. rating and a stronger position of a Swiss Frank are all contributing to a difficult situation on the world' market.

The rating's agency Standard & Poor's has, in the night between Friday and Saturday, decreased the rating of the U.S. from AAA to AA+. For the first time in history, this country has been placed in a lower category. Secretary of Finances of the U.S. questioned the agency's decision. He stated, that the agency's experts have made a mistake in their calculations worth 2 billion dollars. The decision of Standard & Poor's has disturbed the investors worldwide, especially in China and Japan, the states in which the pool of American obligations is the biggest. The market's of the east have noted significant downfalls.

In the meantime, the politics from Euro zone are trying to stabilize the economic situation. European Central Bank has started the purchase of Spanish and Italian obligations. This is supposed to prevent the increase in interest rates and, as a result, protect these countries from the fate of Greece, Portugal and Ireland, which were forced to ask the EU for financial support.

Due to the economic destabilization, the value of Swiss Frank is rising. Despite the intervention of Swiss National Bank, which has decreased the interest rates and announced and additional emission of their currency, Frank is still very strong. On Monday, the 8th of August it has reached the level of 3,76 zlotys. However, we can notice the strengthening of Euro in relation to the Frank.

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